Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Satyameva Jayate" wInnIng hEArts !!!!

          Satyameva Jayate means Truth stands invincible. It is a Hindu mantra from the ancient scripture Mundaka Upanishad. Upon the independence of India, this was adopted as the national motto of India.
        Aamir Khan Productions’ Satyamev Jayate on Star Plus has managed to create a buzz amongst the masses. It is being watched by millions across the globe. But one question still lingers in everyone’s heart. Will it manage to stir the emotions of Indian citizens and trigger a revolution? 
       One cannot be sure about the revolution but yes, the series has and will definitely create an impact in the minds of the people. And you never know…it might bring in a positive change. Aamir is doing a great job.
      True to his word, Aamir Khan met Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot yesterday and requested him to speed up the trial of female foeticide cases. Aamir had promised in the first episode of his TV debut show Satyamev Jayate that he will take this case forward with the Rajasthan High Court Chief Justice so that a fast track court is formed. 

     PTI reported Aamir Khan as saying, “He has assured me that the government is already working on the issue and will continue to do so.” Aamir further added, “The CM told me that after watching the first episode, he had called a meeting of senior officials. It is an important issue for the entire country and he has decided to take it forward strongly.”

     Aamir Khan claims to address the roots of social evils, engages statistics, experts and pending court cases to illustrate his findings while offering solutions to overturn Indian feudal structure, all within an hour’s televised show, intensified with tears, hopes and resolutions. And the unprecedented success of ‘Satyamav Jayate’ underlines that this tactic is effectively working. If a generation had somehow failed to awaken following Rang de Basanti, it is wide awake, this time.
      Each episode is a testament to this resounding success. Aamir poses significant questions in the beginning, acknowledges the conventional answers, moves on to  dismantle those very assumptions, and the audience bursts into tears at its own ignorance and at the promise of a new tomorrow bereft of the maladies.
     Just when the cynics wonder if he has turned self-righteous, it turns out ‘Satyamev Jayate’ works precisely because Aamir identifies himself entirely with the audience. He, too, learns of the bitter truths about Indian society from the very show itself, live on the stage. “Mujhe bhi aaj yeh seekh mili hai” is oft-repeated. Along with the audience, he is shocked at the barbaric, with them he sheds the tears, with them he signs petitions. The routine criticisms usually reserved for holier than thou shows simply find no outlets here.
      Finally, it is the content area where the Aamir Khan effect shines. Female infanticide, dowry tortures, child sexual abuse – the themes so far – are societally entrenched as innately problematic, inherently evil and acutely in need of redress. They are so commonplace that they should have ideally lost any shock value by now; and yet Satyamev Jayate revels in the euphoric disconnect of the audience with their harmful consequences.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Sehwag dividing Team India" sAyS AusTraLiAn MeDiA !!!

( TOI )

 Is Team India divided or has the defeat in two Tests in Australia and four in England caused fissures in the team? Or as in the past, Australia is playing mind games and our cricketers should not be bothered at all?

An article in Australian newspaper Herald Sun says, "Virender Sehwag is the man polarizing opinions in the Indian rooms." The paper quotes Australian pacer Ryan Harris as saying that the "Indians were fighting among themselves" and the team does not have unity.

According to the article there is a division in the team on who should captain the Indian team. According to the report, some players are in favour of Sehwag as captain while a section wants Mahendra Singh Dhoni to continue as skipper.

The paper also talks about former Indian coach Greg Chappell who had observed in his autobiography Fierce Focus that young members of the team were too afraid of some of their seniors to speak in the team meetings.

Meanwhile, Australian vice-captain Brad Haddin has taken aim at struggling India, saying the tourists "break quicker than anyone in the world" and turn on each other when things are not going their way.

Wicketkeeper Haddin turned up the heat on India, trailing 2-0 ahead of Friday's third Test in Perth, by revealing that Australia had discussed the tourists' mental frailties.

"We spoke about a bit of that when we were batting," Haddin was quoted as saying in the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The longer we could keep them out on the field the bigger chance we had of breaking them."

"We know this side can be as fragile as any team in the world if things aren't going their way and they can turn on each other and the media turns on them pretty quick."

"We knew if we could keep them out there and put the numbers like we did on the board we knew we'd get the rewards because they break quicker than anyone in the world."

We know that Australians are good at mind games!