Sunday, 27 November 2011

PaInT The wOrlD...!!

Hey guys well as u know I m new to the blog world and this is my 2nd post only jst writin my thought for u this tym,... 

  So paint  the world is nothing bt is about my hobby which I had while I was in school , I was just in 5th standard and I use to make these small drawings in my drawing book which  sometimes looked like nothing  just a random drawing which is not copied from anywhere bt is the result of my randomness in mind about the things which I know and also which I dnt know..;)

  As I was too small to think logically ,so i use to think that can v pain the whole Globe with the color v want ??
Is it really possible  to take a paint brush and just paint the whole world with whichever color u think is suitable like red skies,blue skin, yellow mountains , and so on..since I was kid I had no boundaries to imagination coz at that age I knew nthng  bt what i think was everything to me, even when i talked with my  freinds about it at that very age I use to make them think what I believe ,I never thought that there's a real world out there which is already well designed and established by creator I really dint know who I am talking about bt  someone would have given his heart and soul in makin and building this huge world worth living for us ,and at that time I use to think that when I grow up Ill be the one who will design the world by myself . I don't know but this was my first and foremost wish which I wanted to complete after being a Grown up , but as we know I am here writing to you and of course with my unfulfilled dream of painting the world. 

Friday, 25 November 2011

ReAL EnGniEeRs....!!!

    1. Real Engineers consider themselves well dressed if their socks match.
    2. Real Engineers buy their spouses a set of matched screwdrivers for their birthday.
    3. Real Engineers wear mustaches or beards for "efficiency". Not because they're lazy.
    4. Real Engineers have a non-technical vocabulary of 800 words.

    5. Real Engineers know how to take the cover off of their computer, and are not afraid to do it.
    6. Real Engineers know the second law of thermodynamics - but not their own shirt size.
    7. Real Engineers repair their own cameras, telephones, televisions, watches, and automatic transmissions.
    8. Real Engineers say "It's 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 degrees Celsius, and 298 degrees Kelvin" and all you say is "Isn't it a nice day"
    9. Real Engineers give you the feeling you're having a conversation with a dial tone or busy signal.
    10. Real Engineers wear badges so they don't forget who they are. Sometimes a note is attached saying "Don't offer me a ride today. I drove my own car".
    11. Real Engineers' politics run towards acquiring a parking space with their name on it and an office with a window.
    12. Real Engineers know the "ABC's of Infrared" from A to B.
    13. Real Engineers rotate their tires for laughs.
    14. Real Engineers will make four sets of drawings (with seven revisions) before making a bird bath.
    15. Real Engineers' briefcases contain a Phillips screwdriver, a copy of "Quantum Physics", and a half of a peanut butter sandwich.
    16. Real Engineers know that Halloween is really the same as Christmas, because OCT 31 = DEC 25. (If you _don't_ get it, then you're not a Real Engineer.)
    17. Real Engineers don't find the above at all funny.