Sunday, 27 November 2011

PaInT The wOrlD...!!

Hey guys well as u know I m new to the blog world and this is my 2nd post only jst writin my thought for u this tym,... 

  So paint  the world is nothing bt is about my hobby which I had while I was in school , I was just in 5th standard and I use to make these small drawings in my drawing book which  sometimes looked like nothing  just a random drawing which is not copied from anywhere bt is the result of my randomness in mind about the things which I know and also which I dnt know..;)

  As I was too small to think logically ,so i use to think that can v pain the whole Globe with the color v want ??
Is it really possible  to take a paint brush and just paint the whole world with whichever color u think is suitable like red skies,blue skin, yellow mountains , and so on..since I was kid I had no boundaries to imagination coz at that age I knew nthng  bt what i think was everything to me, even when i talked with my  freinds about it at that very age I use to make them think what I believe ,I never thought that there's a real world out there which is already well designed and established by creator I really dint know who I am talking about bt  someone would have given his heart and soul in makin and building this huge world worth living for us ,and at that time I use to think that when I grow up Ill be the one who will design the world by myself . I don't know but this was my first and foremost wish which I wanted to complete after being a Grown up , but as we know I am here writing to you and of course with my unfulfilled dream of painting the world. 

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